Friday, December 30, 2005


Welcome ! To the Blog of the Nationalist Socialist party of Nepal


Welcome to this blog. I had been thinking about creating this blog for a few months. The Nationalist Socialist Party of Nepal (NSPN) is currently a one man project. I hope more people will join this party with time.

First of all, I feel that the word “nationalist” is somewhat misunderstood here in Nepal. It is the mostly the royalists who call themselves nationalists. Now I find that quite offending. Royalists are not nationalists. NSPN does not support the monarchy and believes in a republican model. For more information about nationalism and socialism you can visit I would like to tell you that NSPN does not support caste based or racial discrimination. NSPN believes in conserving our identity as Nepali people and our indigenous religions. Nepal should remain a Hindu nation although Buddhism and other native religions are to be valued. However, we need to beware of Islam, Christianity and Judaism. These religions have always been in conflict and we have had enough of conflict. I hope this initiative will help us move towards a better society.

I will be posting more articles later. You can contact me at